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Welcome to the Photo Pages of the Nativ Angli at Midreshet Sde-Boker. If you have photos that you'd like to contribute to the gallery, please send them in .jpg, .bmp or .gif format to Sde-Boker@Syllicom.com and make sure to note the class year as well as an appropriate description so that we can know who's in the photos. If you'd like to view the comments left by visitors, click HERE. We welcome your comments and if you'd like to add a message to our Guestbook, click HERE. To view the GUESTBOOK, click HERE.

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Reunion Photos

This folder is for photos taken at the reunion and submitted for sharing with everyone. Each contributor will have a separate album and they are listed in no particular order. Send your photos for inclusion to Syl at Sde-Boker@Syllicom.com

Gary Tischler's Archive
Gary has scanned a treasure trove of shots from the days that we all shared in the Midrasha. They've been relocated to these folders and divided based upon file name due to duplications. What a collection!!!!!
albums: 5
Lev Gonick

Photos that were contributed by Lev

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Gary Tischler

    These are Gary's photos from the 2005 reunion.

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Esther Heilik' photos

    These photos have been added during the reunion but are mostly period or from 20 years ago. They were contributed by Esther Heilik

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Dave Kandel

    These are photos from the class of '71/'72 that were contributed by Dave.

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Gary Toubkin 1

    These photos were taken by Gary at the reunion.

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Gary Toubkin 2

    More photos taken by Gary Toubkin (the photo file names are duplicates and that caused them to be put in a different album ... be cautious if you're downloading them)

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Gary Toubkin 3

    More of Gary's wonderful photos. These photos are of the kumzits at sde-boker, the symposium on the last day, Ben Gurions gravesite, the party at Myra's house and the party at David Hai David's house.

  • www.Sde-Boker.org

    Reunion photos taken by Moses

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Sabina Beraha

    Photos taken in Jerusalem, Ein Gedi, Sde Boker, and Tel Aviv, and contributed by Sabina Beraha of the class of '77

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Dan Feldman

    Dan Feldman's reunion photos

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Faith Bar Shlomo

    Faith's photos from the reunion

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Mitzi Ocean

    Photos contributed by Mitzi Ocean (Kurschner) class of '74

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Lila Solnick

    Lila's photos from the reunion.

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Karen Jacobson 1

    Karen's contributions from the reunion

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Karen Jacobson 2

    Karen's contributions from the reunion

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    Susan Casper

    Susan's contributions

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    • 14 files
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    Ricky Fischer

    These photos have been contributed by Ricky Fischer, class of '72

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    • 16 files
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    Mark Vromen

    Mark Vromen's phosts from the 2005 reunion

  • www.Sde-Boker.org
    Susie Johnston
    Jun 1, 2005

    Photos taken by Susie Johnston at the June Reunion.

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